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{ TERIAL } DIY Scrap fabric Valentines made with love!

Scrap fabric, Terial Magic, stamps, scissors and some creativity is all you need to make any of these heartfelt fabric Valentines.

And what do you get when you mix your love of chocolate and love of fabric? Terial Arts' Fabric Origami Valentine Pockets of course! You can gift chocolate treats to friends and colleagues (or to yourself!) in little fabric packages out of your favorite scrap fabrics. Just use 4" or 5" squares of Terial Magic treated scrap fabric and fold em up in minutes! Does it get any more lovely and delicious? Click here for your free pattern.

Now we have some sweet cards to show you. I used a couple of stamps on Terial Magic treated scrap fabric to make this bright and happy Valentine card. The treated fabric is perfect for ink stamping. I used a rubber mallet to tap the stamp to get a nice dark imprint.

After stamping, I cut the letters and different heart parts out of different treated fabrics. I used fabric glue and needle nose tweezers to layer and put all the pieces in place on blank stationary. Then I glued a layer of batting behind the background fabric. I used a decorative rotary cut edge on the treated green background fabric for more texture and depth.

I used my black Copic pen to darken the dots around the edges and give a little added dimension. You can use other colors to enhance your art too!

For this series I made envelopes to match the cards. I unfolded an envelope I had and traced it onto Terial Magic treated fabric. I folded and finger pressed it. I glued the seams with a light layer of fabric glue with a scrap of paper inserted between the front and back layers so the glue didn't seep through and seal the envelope shut.

For the card I played with different matching fabric layers using cutouts and shapes. I then glued them in varying compositions so each one is unique. You can use your electronic and die cutters with your favorite scrap fabrics and make each one a piece of art! 

See below for a couple more Valentine crafts from blogs past. Enjoy your craft and Happy Valentine creating!

by Terial Arts
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