segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2016

{ SIZZIX } Envelope Simples feito com círculos de papel

Hi friends!

Today we will make an easy envelope only with 4 paper circles. It is an envelope for cards that we have decorated for Valentine's Day, but we can use it on any occasion.

Envelope made with circles
You need
Step by Step
Circle Envelope
  1. Cut 4 circles
  2. Cut 1 heart
  3. Folded circles in half
  4. Superimpose them, such that the folds form a square. Each circle should be below the circle to the right and above the circle on the left. Stick with glue.
  5. Close the envelope overlapping circles just as we have seen before.
  6. To close the envelope cut and paste a heart in the center with little tail, to make it easy to open.
Circle Envelope

What do you think? Until next time!
Circle Envelope

by Sizzix
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